A business meeting at the Summit Hotel can become an incredibly pleasant experience. The coffee break, brunch, light lunch or business dinner will acquire a totally new aspect thanks to splendid view of the sea, among scents of mediterranean essences with the sweet background of waves crashing.

In an area of 1000 square mt 8 permanent halls have been built, with a capacity of 250- 150-80-60-30-8, for a total receptivity of 385 seats. The congress centre is able to provide logistic and technical support for any tipe of use: videoconference, audiovisual and electronic support and an informative system, that allows a perfect management of accreditation.

The entire facility is constantly monitored by a control room that verifies the functioning of the electric and electrical systems of security and air conditioning of the Centre. The permanent halls can be flanked by metting rooms with modular structures.

Congress dinner

A devoted gastronomic proposal mindful of all dietary needs, to make even a work occasion into a pleasant memory and a chance for wellness.


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