High-level cuisine and nationally recognized chef

Food at the SUMMIT hotel

For those who want to cook and who want it raw: carnivorous palaces or not, simple or refined will be delighted by the unique pleasure of tasty and quality foods that distinguish our territory.

Products at km 0 and fresh fish of our sea served meticulously and prepared with love almost like grandmother!

We believe in high cuisine but also in good gourds, our dishes, never skinny but always generous, because we know that after a long day of sea the hunger is felt!

Special menu

For the children

The baby room offers the opportunity to warm up and/or prepare meals for younger guests 24 hours on 24.

Celiac Menu

Available for gluten-free celiac patients.


“Quick but chic”

Let’s assume that after a nice bath, swim up and down the bay, you lie down on the couch and just when you want to relax you start to feel that languorino that does not make you sleep.

You will not have to fight laziness because the bar is at “two” steps from you.

A quick concept to not lose too much time and go back to the beach right away or if you want to prolong yourself where the view is too nice.

The breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so the SUMMIT hotel offers every morning an abundant buffet of fresh and genuine dishes.

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