Beach club

Sunbeds, sunshades and all the comforts to pass tha day on the beach, between a dive into the crystal clear waters of the bay and a fresh drink at the Summit Cafè.

The seabed of the San Vito creek is ideal for swimming and scuba diving.



An exclusive service devoted to those who wish to taste the delicacies of our restaurant for lunch without interrupting their day and leaving the beach.

A devoted menu that exalts the most authetic tastes of the territory, enclosed in a box that treasures a real life magick of the mediterranean soul.

Envelopped in the energy of a magical place, a little unspoilt oasis of peace and joy.

‘’Observe the waves crashing onto the shore of this enchanting bay, admire the hues of the sea, listen to the sound of the seagulls, let the wind caress you, dip your feet in the soft sand, dwell on the scent of the air and all the scents you can smell. Stop, rediscover the simple things: observe the sun, dawn, sea, sunset, vegetation, animals, moon, stars. Stop, anchor yourself to the present moment’’.

Benedetta Bertini at the Summit Hotel


to make the stay

completely relaxing