Celebrate the most beautiful day of your lives in great style, with the light of candles and the sunset lighting up our restaurant Argonauta. Overlooking the splendid San Vito Creek, halls and terraces open up to an infinite horizon, enriched by the profile of the islands of Ischia and Ventotene.

Wedding team

Elegance and great taste are the main pillars to organise unique and unrepeatable events, and we tend to all the details with love to create emotions. 


As the director follows each fase of the production of a movie, from the script to the scenery to the soundtrack, our team will help guide you in the film of your special day. In the attention to details we seek uniqueness and no event will ever be the same as you and your guests are the unique and special main characters.

Style details

The attention to detail and exclusive particularities will make your wedding party memorable.


Mediterranean inspirations

The sea, the products of the land, the excellent wines and foods of the territory, the scents, the spices, the essences define the wedding banquet.


Our kitchen brigade guided with passion and knowledge by our Chef Ennio Agrest, will curate the menu up to the minute details, from aperitif to wedding cake.


Wedding menu

Mediterranean roots and international influences. Creativity, innovation and tradition create a perfect harmony, mindful even of the needs of those who have dietary restrictions because of allergies or intollerances.


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hospitality philosophy

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